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About the Library

Library Classroom (WYLL 150J) Use

The library classroom has 16 Mac computers. There is a desktop shortcut to Horizon, which opens a remote desktop in Windows. Librarians use the room for research instruction. A second function of the room is as an open computer lab for UWP-affiliated users. Faculty and other instructors may request to reserve the classroom in cases when other campus computer classroom labs are unavailable and demand for the room is low. The classroom may be reserved for short-term use only; recurring courses or events will not be scheduled.

Library Meeting Room Use

Rooms referred to in this policy include Library Conference Room (WYLL 150H), Faculty & Staff Lounge (WYLL 247), and Library Overlook Lounge (WYLL 272).

In keeping with its mission of education and support to the UW-Parkside campus community, Parkside Library permits members of the campus and public to use library meeting rooms, in accordance with federal and state laws and this policy, when those rooms are not in use for library purposes. Permission to use meeting rooms is not endorsement or sponsorship of any group, individual, organization or event. Library facilities and spaces may be used for non-commercial purposes only.

  • When library staff have not reserved rooms for research instruction or meetings, the campus community may reserve library meeting rooms. If the campus community is not using rooms, the general public may reserve them for educational purposes.
  • The Overlook Lounge (WYLL 272) is open to the campus community when not reserved.
  • The Library Conference Room (WYLL 150H) and Faculty & Staff Lounge (WYLL 247) are available through the reservation process only.
  • Please contact or chat online to inquire about library meeting room availability.


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