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UW-Parkside Streaming Media Policy

Collection Development Policy: Streaming Media

Parkside Library works with faculty to provide licensed streaming media for classroom use, on-campus or off. While videos in Parkside Library’s
DVD Collection can be checked out for in-class use and put on 
two-hour or one-day course reserve, videos in Films on Demand and Kanopy, the current streaming media platforms, make more than 40,000 streaming videos available to Parkside faculty, staff, and students anytime. Films on Demand and Kanopy both comply with the UW-Parkside Copyright Policy and Media Accessibility Policy, and because of this the library is in a good position to support faculty in embedding multimedia into the online classroom without overtaxing departmental library resource budgets.

We encourage faculty to work closely with their library liaison to identify streaming media to use in the curriculum. Faculty are first encouraged to search and browse through the current streaming media offerings. If there are movies in the curriculum for which off-campus or online accessibility is a requirement, and they are not in the library's streaming media offerings (Films on Demand or Kanopy), the library liaison will make every effort to add the DVD to the Parkside Library DVD Collection using a portion of the faculty member’s department’s materials budget. Per the Copyright Policy and Media Accessibility Policy, the streaming media and DVD must include closed captioning. We will not pursue individual streaming media licenses for individual videos. Further, faculty should notify students in the syllabus that they will need to find alternative means of viewing the required movie including, but not limited to, borrowing the DVD from Parkside Library.

See a list of library-licensed streaming media database options here. This includes:

Updated 5/2021

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