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Records Management

Records management at UW-Parkside: What do I keep? What do I toss? What goes to the archives?


General Records Schedules

General Records Schedules list most records produced by UW-institutions or the Wisconsin Department of Administration, and they include:

  • a description of the record,
  • its retention period (how long you must keep it),
  • the method of disposal or transfer,
  • a directive on copies, and
  • if the record contains confidential information.

It is written on a UW-system or State Agency level and applies to all schools that opt in to the schedule or all relevant State Agencies.

How do I know which GRSs apply to me?

Most GRSs have something for every department. Receipts, minutes, personnel records, email, and other records are produced universally. Take a look at likely GRSs to find your records.

The following are valid GRSs for UW-Parkside:

Contact Rebecca Robbennolt with any questions.


Records Retention/Disposition Authorization

RRDAs are guidelines written for one specific type of record produced by one office at UW-Parkside.

Currently Valid UW-P RRDAs 

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