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Records Management

Records management at UW-Parkside: What do I keep? What do I toss? What goes to the archives?

Records Management Guide

This guide will help you determine how to deal with your records, and if you have any questions, please contact UW-Parkside Records Manager Rebecca Robbennolt

First steps:

  1. Figure out what it is and who (what person or department) created it.
  2. Determine whether it is a record. (See the Non-Records tab to the left.)
  3. Check if there are any rules telling how long you can keep it or how soon you may destroy it. (See Records Retention Schedules.) Multiple GRSs may apply to a given office or department. If you don't find any relevant rules, contact me for help.
  4. Keep it, send it to the archives, or destroy as directed. (See Transferring Records to the Archives for help with the transfer process.)

Electronic Records are just records like any other with specific characteristics and needs. See the tab for more information or contact me with any questions.

I make Office Calls to give advice, look at records, or pick them up. Feel free to schedule one. 

Office Calls

Office Calls

Although much information is provided in this guide, some situations call for expert advice. At times it is easier and more efficient for me visit your office or storeroom to look at your records and help you decide what to do with them.

Please feel free to contact me (see Contact Information to the left) to arrange a visit or to answer any questions.

How a visit works:

  • Locate all of the files you have beforehand, so that we can review them all at once. (Don’t forget electronic files!)
  • I will come to your office to survey the files, in order to determine:
    • what they are,
    • whether or not they are records,
    • and which GRS and RRDAs apply to them.
  • If no guidelines apply to certain records, I will make note of it so an RRDA can be created for approval by the WI Public Records Board
  • I will send a summary of the result of the survey to you so that you can follow the relevant guidelines.
  • If some of the material will be sent to the archives, I will provide boxes to you (if needed) and create an Accession Number for you. You can download box labels and a records transfer form. (See Forms tab above.) Fill these out and send the materials to the archives.

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