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Property Assessments & Tax Rolls

Property assessments and tax rolls establish exactly where individuals lived at a given time and are very useful for determining the age of a structure and chain of ownership for a building or piece of property. They are organized by township or city, and include: owner's name, description of property, valuation of lands and improvements as fixed by the Board of Review and the amount of property tax levied.

How to Locate Tax Roll Entries for Real Estate Parcels in Kenosha and Racine Counties

Overview of tax rolls

Tax rolls for the counties of Racine and Kenosha exist in two broad categories: city and county. To find a property in the city or county, you will need to know the legal description of the parcel. You will find this information in the current tax record. Search for the address in the tax lookup system. 

Racine County

Kenosha County

The Kenosha Tax Parcel ID Numbering System chart on the left will help you understand to what the numbers refer.

There are different approaches for finding parcels in city tax rolls vs. township tax rolls. A detailed description of methods for locating tax roll entries for real estate parcels in Kenosha and Racine Counties is found below.


Government Land Office


Property Information

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