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Kanopy FAQ

Why has Kanopy access changed?kanopy logo

Due to rapidly escalating costs, Parkside librarians are now mediating all requests for access to Kanopy films. We regret the suddenness of the change.

Films in Kanopy are leased for one year; the Parkside Library does not own them. In many cases, we can purchase a DVD for less than the price of a one-year license.

While we appreciate the convenience of streaming, Kanopy’s subscription model has proven unsustainable. See a recent piece in Film Quarterly about the issue.

We are among many academic libraries dealing with this problem, and we are currently investigating other options for streaming video content. 

Can I still use Kanopy?

We still have streaming access to the films that we previously licensed. See a complete list of licensed titles and their expiration dates below. If you go to Kanopy you will only be able to play films for which we have already purchased a license. If we have not purchased a license, you will see a request form when you try to play the film.

What if a film I planned to use this semester is no longer available on Kanopy?

If you were planning to use a film that is not currently activated on Kanopy, or if the license for the film will expire before the date needed, please contact your Library Liaison or email as soon as possible. We may not maintain access to Kanopy past the end of the 2019–2020 academic year, so consider finding alternative media to use with your courses.

Requesting Films via Kanopy

If you choose a title for which we do not already have a license, you may fill out the request form. Librarians will give priority consideration to films requested for online courses. Use your Parkside email address, and include the title of the course for which you need the film and any other relevant information in the free text box on the request form. Film licensing is at the discretion of the UW-Parkside Library collection development team.

Kanopy request form

Search the Kanopy database

You will need to scroll to the bottom of search results to see films for which we do not yet have licenses.

Please allow a week for us to process your request.

Kanopy Licenses

Video Title License Expiration
Age of Champions: Senior Citizen Olympic Games 14-Feb-21
American Tongues 19-Feb 21
Bad Sugar (Unnatural Causes Series) 1-May-20
Barking Water 1-May-20
Better Man - Domestic Abuse and Restorative Justice, A 1-May-20
Birth of Humanity 27-Aug-20
Bitter Melons 31-Jul-20
Blind Spot - Peak Oil & the Coming Global Crisis 1-Apr-20
Body Composition: Managing Our Expectations 1-Jun-20
Carved in Silence: Inside Angel Island Immigration Station 5-Sep-20
Choice of a Lifetime - Returning From the Brink of Suicide, The 1-May-20
Collateral Damage (Unnatural Causes Series) 1-Apr-20
Dani Sweet Potatoes 1-Jun-20
Death And Dying: Late Adulthood 1-Jun-20
Dialectical Behavior Therapy - With Marsha Linehan 1-May-20
Disorders Associated with Anxiety (playlist) 1-Apr-20
Earth Days 1-Apr-20
Empathy Gap - Masculinity and the Courage to Change, The 1-May-20
First Steps 1-Apr-20
Food Choices - How Our Diet Affects the Environment 31-Jul-20
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask - The Life and Work of Philosopher Frantz Fanon 1-May-20
Hadza: The Last of the First - East Africa's Last Remaining True Hunter-Gatherers, The 1-Apr-20
Healthier Way to Measure Body Composition, A 31-Jul-20
Himalayan Herders 1-Apr-20
How Food Is Digested and Absorbed 31-Jul-20
Human Brain, The 1-Apr-20
ICD 10 Guided Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders Series, Vol. 2 (playlist) 1-May-20
Indonesia - Unity in Diversity 1-Jun-20
Journey Toward Forgiveness 1-May-20
Joystick Warriors - Video Games, Violence & the Culture of Militarism 1-Jun-20
Killing Us Softly - Advertising's Image of Women (playlist) 1-Jun-20
Kohlberg Moral Developmental Stages (playlist) 1-May-20
La Notte 1-Jun-20
Lady Bird 1-Apr-20
Last Human Standing 27-Aug-20
Latinos Beyond Reel - Challenging a Media Stereotype (playlist) 1-Apr-20
Leadership: What's Trust Got To Do With It? 2nd Edition 31-Jul-20
Leaving Neverland Part 1 1-Jun-20
Living with Depression 19-Feb-21
Loving Vincent 1-May-20
Mask You Live In, The 1-May-20
Money-Driven Medicine 1-May-20
Moral Development In Children  - Theories, Stages, Impact 1-Jun-20
Nighttime Eating 1-Jun-20
Normal is Over - Innovative Solutions to Global Decline 1-Apr-20
Not Just a Paycheck (Unnatural Causes Series) 1-May-20
Nutritional Needs and Cellular Function 1-Jun-20
Other Disorders (playlist) 1-Jun-20
People Say I'm Crazy - Schizophrenia Viewed from the Inside Out 1-May-20
Place Matters (Unnatural Causes Series) 1-Apr-20
Plastic Planet - Investigating Plastic and its Effects on our Health 31-Jul-20
Reel Injun - On the Trail of the Hollywood "Indian" 1-Jun-20
Sansho The Bailiff 1-May-20
Stranger, The 1-Jun-20
Tough Guise 2 - Violence, Manhood & American Culture (playlist) 1-Jun-20
Weather Underground - America's Most Notorious Revolutionaries, The 1-Apr-20
W.E.B. Du Bois: A Biography in Four Voices 15-Aug-20
What Early Agriculturalists Ate 1-Apr-20
When the Bough Breaks (Unnatural Causes Series) 1-May-20
Work - Group Therapy with Folsom Prison Inmates, The 1-Apr-20
Working World: The Economy and Work 1-Apr-20
Wuthering Heights 1-May-20

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