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Copyright & Fair Use

Can I use it? Guide

1.  Does UW-Parkside have it?
Check the catalog for the book or journal article!

IF YES:   
If it's online, link to it!  If it's in print, put it on reserve.  
If we don't have it, talk to your Library Liaison about ordering a copy for Parkside, either online or in print.
Or consider using something similar. To find alternate/additional materials, consult your Library Liaison.


2.  Is it under copyright?
Check Cornell University's Copyright Term and Public Domain

Proceed to number 3 
Use it!


3.  Can I use it under Fair Use?
Use ALA's Fair Use Evaluator or check to see if it falls under the Educational Exception

Use it!
Proceed to number 4


4.  Get permission from rights holder (usually the publisher).
This can take 6–8 weeks or more and may involve a fee. See Columbia University Library's Model Permission Letters for permission templates.


Thanks to the College of William & Mary for providing this template!

Can I use this image?

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