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Copyright & Fair Use : Can I use it?

Can I use it? guide

1.  Does UW-Parkside have it?  

      Check for the book or journal article

                              If it's online, link to it!  If it's in print, put it on reserve.  

If we don't have it, talk to your Library Liaison about ordering a copy for Parkside, either online or in print.
Or consider using something similar. To find alternate/additional materials, consult your Library Liaison.

Or, keep going...

2.  Is it under copyright?
      Check Cornell University's Copyright Term and Public Domain

Proceed to number 3 


Use it!



3.  Can I use it under Fair Use?
    Use ALA's Fair Use Evaluator or check to see if it falls under the Educational Exception:

Use it!


Proceed to number 4


4.  Get permission from rights holder (usually the publisher).
This can take 6–8 weeks or more and may involve a fee. See Columbia University Library's Model Permission Letters for permission templates.


Thanks to the College of William & Mary for providing this template!

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