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Community Users: Library Facilities Use

UW-Parkside Library Policies on Facilities Use

The UW-Parkside Library, its collections and equipment are primarily intended to serve UW-P students, faculty and staff as well as the UW System academic community. The UW-Parkside Library also welcomes the general public, although borrowing privileges and certain other services are restricted. For detailed information about borrowing library materials, see UW-Parkside Circulation Policies

The UW-Parkside Library strives to make teaching, learning and research more productive and rewarding by providing

  • high quality collections and information resources and access to the collections of other libraries.

  • effective tools and services to fill academic informational needs.

  • a collaborative library instruction program that responds to the needs of students, faculty, and staff and that promotes the development of research skills.

  • clean, well-lit, pleasant areas in which to read, study, engage in information research, and participate in group projects or group study sessions; attractive areas for university-related educational, cultural and social events and displays.

  • a knowledgeable and courteous staff.

In order for the library to provide a safe environment conducive to the pursuit of learning and research, the following guidelines for users have been established. Library users are asked to report disturbances and other problems to the staff at the check out desk.

  • Individuals should be thoughtful of others who are using the library. Library users must not engage in disorderly or disruptive behavior, in activities that could cause personal injury, in activities that interfere with the normal use and operation of the library, or in activities that interfere with the privacy of others.

  • The library’s third floor (L3) is a “pin-drop” quiet area, where conversations, noises and distractions are not acceptable. It is expected that conversations and other reasonable noise will occur in library customer service areas as well as the faculty/staff lounge, the overlook lounge during special programs, the L1 classroom, the Friends Reading Room, group study rooms, and AV listening/viewing rooms. Please bear in mind that these rooms are not soundproof. In other library areas, users should remain quiet or engage in non-disruptive conversations.

  • Library users should turn down their cell phone ringers or switch them to vibrate while in the library. No cell phone use is allowed on the quiet floor (L3). If a call is necessary, the conversation should take should take place in the main lobby, in a vacant study room, or in the elevator lobby area near the stairwell; conversations should be kept brief. Individuals should move extended cell phone conversations outside the library, making sure to take their belongings with them.

  • Library users are welcome to use headphones to listen to music. The music should not be loud enough to be disruptive to others.

  • Individuals may not enter and use the library without appropriate attire, including a shirt and shoes.

  • Children should be accompanied at all times for their safety and well-being by a parent or adult. Children should never be left unsupervised. Parents, not the UW-Parkside Library, are responsible for their children’s use of the library, including access to electronic resources.

  • Only individuals acting on university business may enter staff areas.

  • Library users are required to leave at closing, during emergency situations and evacuations, and whenever requested to leave by library staff or safety personnel. Unauthorized individuals may not enter or remain in the library during times when it is closed to the public.

  • Library users must not tamper with emergency mechanisms such as fire alarms or alarms in elevators, or open emergency exits in non-emergency situations.

  • Vending, peddling, and/or solicitation of merchandise or services, including but not limited to begging or panhandling, displaying or distributing advertisements, brochures, pamphlets, petitions, or other materials, and/or conducting unauthorized surveys, are prohibited in the public areas of the library.

  • Campus units which desire to have their handouts available to the university community will be referred to the Information Center in the Union. Single copies of handouts relating to specific events may be accepted for use by check out desk and research help staff.

  • Library users must not interfere with an employee's performance of his/her duties.

  • Library users should not subject library users or employees to physical or verbal abuse or harassment.

  • Beverages and light refreshments are allowed in public areas of the library, except in Archives and near computers and other equipment. No group meals (e.g. pizza parties) or deliveries of food to the library are allowed except for authorized events in reserved rooms. All food and drink should be kept away from library materials. Individuals are expected to eat and drink responsibly, but even when the utmost care is taken, some cleanup may be necessary. Consumers must clean up their minor spills and crumbs, wipe sticky tables, and throw away wrappers, containers, and other trash into appropriate trash receptacles.  When major spills occur or are encountered, they should be reported immediately at the check-out desk so that clean-up can be arranged and damage minimized. The Library strongly encourages recycling and recycling bins are placed  throughout the library.

    Library users may not smoke or use any other form of tobacco in the library.

  • Substances creating strong pervasive odors that constitute a nuisance to others are not permitted in the library.

  • Library users must not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or possess, sell, or use alcohol or illegal drugs.

  • Library users must not engage in sexual harassment, overt sexual behavior, or lewd or lascivious behavior, including inappropriate sexual advances and indecent exposure.

  • Unauthorized firearms or other weapons, fireworks, explosives, or other dangerous devices or substances are not permitted in the library.

  • Library users may not bring animals into the library, with the exception of animals trained or being trained to assist persons with disabilities.

  • Individuals must not vandalize, deface, damage, or destroy library facilities, furniture, or equipment.

  • Library users may rearrange furniture in group study rooms and other reservable rooms, but must return the furniture to the original setup before leaving the area. Library users may not move other library furniture or fixtures.

  • Restrooms must not be used inappropriately, such as for bathing, laundering, or loitering.

  • Use of library facilities for meetings, events, performances, displays, exhibits, filming, and other functions outside of normal library uses must be requested and approved in advance by authorized library staff.






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