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Recording Your Story

Making our stories heard

Download the app for your phone and the directions below will guide you step-by-step.


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StoryCorps app step-by-step

Download and open the StoryCorps app

Register for an account and sign in

You can also sign on with Facebook!

Agree to the terms. You must be either 18 years of age or 13 years with parental permission to upload stories

From home page you can see your options or start to record your interview

Learn all about the app through the menu

Just starting? Go to Prepare interview. When you're ready go ahead and record!

Add a title and other details

Choose from dozens of questions or create your own

Add your own questions and save them to guide your interview

Tap the button when you're ready to start

When you are ready to start, click record. Swipe to browse through your questions. Unlisted follow-up questions can help with details as well

Pause if you need a moment, and click "Done" when you're finished

Upload a photo or take a photo if you'd like

Add keywords like "Covid-19", "Nursing", "Mask" to help people find your story

Add your location if you'd like and decide if you want your story public or private

To share your story with the UW-Parkside Archives, save it to your device first.

Next, click on the three dots to export your recording

Click on "Export" to do so

Email your recording to Let us know that know that it's your oral history in the subject line

Next share it to StoryCorps Archive to be preserved in the Library of Congress

Confirm that your interviewee has agreed to be recorded and click "Start"

Interview Question Inspirations

  • Where did you live during the pandemic? Did that change? What was the experience like?

  • Did you as a student drop or add classes to be either fully onsite or online?

  • What were the best and worst parts of the online or onsite-during-a-pandemic class experience?

  • How were music, science, theatre, and other onsite classes changed to accommodate COVID-19 protocols?

  • Were you afraid to be onsite, despite distancing protocols?

  • Did you lead or attend student activities or student organization events? Describe your experience.

  • Did you start at Parkside or graduate during the pandemic? Describe that experience. How did your plans change?

  • Did you contract the virus? How did you find out? Can you tell us about the experience?

  • Were you considered an essential worker? How did that feel?

  • Did you work with the public? Were people respectful?

  • Were you a front-line worker? Can you talk about your experiences with that?

  • Did you keep your job? Were your hours reduced? Were you furloughed? How long? How was that experience?

  • Did you work on the Parkside campus?

  • If you are an instructor, how was that experience?

  • Did you work from home? How did you manage that?

  • How do you feel about the various shutdowns and mask mandates? Were your feelings similar or different than your family/friends/coworkers?

  • What was the most frustrating part of daily life?

  • Did you join any protests regarding mandates or other provisions such as remote schooling? Describe the experience?

  • Where did you get your information about the pandemic, vaccines, or other health protocols?

  • How did the pandemic intersect with other crises of 2020 and 2021, such as the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests?

  • Did climate crises occurring during the pandemic add to you level of stress? In what ways? 

  • Do you have children at home?
  • What were their school and daycare situations before and during the pandemic? How did that impact home and work life?
  • Did they attend school remotely? What was that like?
  • Did you want them to attend remotely or would you have preferred in-person instruction?
  • Did you change your shopping practices during the pandemic? Did you experience hoarding or shortages? Did shopping practices evolve as the rates of infection role or fell? How?
  • Did your cooking practices change?
  • Do you think of any books or films as getting you through the pandemic and times of stay-at-home orders?
  • Did you increase online subscriptions to streaming services?
  • How did you recreate, relax, and socialize despite restrictions?

  • Did you feel tempted or pressured to circumvent distance and isolation protocols to connect to people? How did you resolve this?

  • Did you eat outside your home during the pandemic? Under what circumstances?

  • Did you or your household take up new hobbies?

  • Did your use of parks and outdoor recreational opportunities increase?

  • Did  you make online video calls to friends and relatives? How was that experience?

  • How did you celebrate important days and holidays?

  • What did you miss most?

  • Were you lonely?

If you are unsure of which questions to choose, you can select our standard list of five questions. Choose from a list of questions for students, faculty and staff!

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