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ENG 364: The Epic and Mythology

Articles and Books

The Library Search (Articles+Books+More) on the homepage includes the UW Libraries' catalogs and other databases, but it does NOT search the MLA International Bibliography. See the English Databases page for additional literature databases.

Suggested Subject Terms and Call Number Ranges

Library catalogs and some databases use subject terms to bring together all the works on a particular topic, regardless of the words or phrases authors use. Unlike keywords, subject terms are often not intuitive. This is a list of selected subject terms related to Norse mythology and literary theory. Try using them alone or in combination with each other or other keywords when you search the UW Library Catalogs.

  • Criticism
  • Folklore
  • History
  • Iceland [and other countries' names]
  • Icelandic literature
  • Legends
  • Literature
  • Literature and history
  • Mythology, Norse
  • Mythology, Norse, in literature
  • Old Norse literature
  • Theory, etc.


Call-number ranges that might be useful if you browse for books:

BL 300-325 = Myth and comparative mythology.
BL 830-875 =  History and Principles of Religions–Germanic and Norse.

DL = History of Northern Europe, Scandinavia.
DL 301-398 = Iceland.

GR = Folklore.

PN = Literature (general), including theory and criticism.
PN441-1009.5 = Literary History.

PT = Germanic-language Literature.
PT 7101-7338 = Old Norse Literature (Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian).

The Library of Congress has a detailed guide showing a breakdown of call numbers.

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