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What is "Science Writing?"

At first glance, science writing seems simple. It's writing about topics related to science and can include works of creative nonfiction, nature essays, or scientific articles. But science writing is different from scientific writing. While scientific writing is usually intended for a specialized audience of scientists and researchers, science writing brings important scientific discoveries into the lives of the general public in creative and meaningful ways. Pieces of science writing can be very different from one another and can come in a number of formats. They can be long or short, detailed or generalized. They can be articles, books, videos, essays, podcasts, and more. 

This page serves as a guide for discovering credible science writing sources and connecting various fields of study. Scientists, students, educators, and writers can use it to find articles, videos, books, and other examples of science writing to support their interests. Whether you are an avid reader or an aspiring science writer, this guide is for you!

How to use this guide

  • Use the green side menu to navigate to databases for further scientific research resources. 
  • To read about science topics, explore the tabs in the Science Writing "Reader's Guide."
  • To learn more on writing about science, explore the tabs in Science Writing "Writer's Guide."

Science Writing - Reader's Guide

Try browsing the library shelves for science writing material in these areas, or explore the Science Writing collection online.

  • Q General Science
    • Q 130-141 Women in Science
    • Q 143 General Science Biographies 
    • Q 148-149 African American Scientists
  • QA Math
    • QA 75-76 Computer Science
  • QB Astronomy 
  • QC Physics
  • QD Chemistry
    • QD 71-142 Analytical Chemistry
    • QD 146-197 Inorganic Chemistry
    • QD 241-441 Organic Chemistry
      • QD 415 -436 Biochemistry
  • QE Geology
    • QE 701-760 Paleontology 
  • QH Biology/Natural History,
  • QK Botany
  • QL Zoology
  • QM Human anatomy 
  • QP Physiology
  • QR Microbiology
  • R Medicine
    • RC 321-576 Psychology/Psychiatry
    • RT Nursing
  • S Agriculture
  • T Technology
    • TX Food Science

Searching for science writing materials can be difficult because they span a broad range of topics. Here are some authors to search for to help get you started. 

Nature Writing



Natural Science

Science Writing - Writer's Guide

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