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Change Management Resource Portal: Library Professionals

Change Resources for Library Professionals

Change is like the wind. You can either resist it and find yourself working twice as hard as you move against it, falling behind others who have set their sail to it. Or you can move with it and quickly find yourself engaging in new possibilities and helping to shape your own future. -Nancy Graff Schultz, Director for Administration, UW-Madison Libraries

Coaching and Leading from the Middle


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  • Winning at change, hosted by UW-Madison (WEBINAR ARCHIVE): Change is constant and inevitable in all aspects of our lives.  Identifying the changes we are experiencing can build resiliency and help us better accept the ‘new state.’

    ·         Identify the types of change

    ·         Become aware of Victim Mentality and how it affects our reactions and choices

    ·         Recognize the natural waves of transition when faced with change

    ·         Reflect on personal choices that will help with change and transition




Good Customer Service for Library Professionals



  • Focus on the positive; avoid dwelling on the negative
  • Take responsibility for your stress
  • Just chill 
  • Accept you've done your best
  • Talking with someone you trust about what you're feeling.
  • Asking your supervisor for the protocol to report system malfunctions--become part of the solution!
  • Using your breaktime to unwind--do something that you enjoy and that helps you let go of the stress if only for a few minutes.
  • Staying in the present--don't spend too much time thinking about how it used to be, or what it might be like tomorrow.
  • Trying abdominal breathing and muscle relaxation excersises if your having an especially stressful moment or day.


Organization for Library Professionals


Alma Training Plans: Each campus created a plan for training their staff. If you have access to the Alma wiki, consulting training plans of campuses similar to your own is a great way to organize your training efforts.

Alma Communication Plans: Each campus is creating a plan for rolling out communication to their local patrons. If you have access to the Alma wiki, consulting communication plans of similar UW campuses is a great way to organize your communication efforts.


Directors/Supervisors need to think about how they will integrate change into STAFF GOALS. Here are some suggested phrases that could be used to get staff thinking about preparing themselves:

  • Become proficient in the xxxxxxx (cataloging, acquisitions, fulfillment, resource sharing) component of ALMA by the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Become skilled in the tools and resources that Alma provides by the end of the year.
  • Become adept at the new processes and rules that need to be followed with Alma and follow them with all transactions.



Training for Library Professionals


  • Alma Training Portal: Take advantage of the resources posted by the Alma Training Team as well as resources that have been customized by local campuses.
  • Sometimes there is extremely valuable information in complaints/criticism. Teach campus reps how to identify the kernel of truth in the complaints and pass it through the appropriate channels so that it can have an impact.
    • (Instructions for passing communications along the correct channels will be inserted here.)
  • CUWL User Services group regularly hosts professional development webinars. Visit their home page for more information.
  • Implementing Change: Realizing the Results of Collaborating in the Cloud, OCLC VIDEO
  • From OPAC to Search Engine: Making the Case for Discovery VIDEO
  • sample classes (Check with your campus for access instructions!)

    • Managing Technical Teams
    • Solving Common Project Problems
    • Google Groups Essential Training
    • Learning to be Assertive
    • Blackboard, D2L and Microsoft Office Trainings
  • LearningExpress Library (Go to and look for the title in the All Resources list!)
    • Popular Software Skills Center (Microsoft Office Training, Computer Graphics and Illustration)
    • Career Center: Includes quizzes and study guides for exploring careers.


  • Create and analyze the ILS wishlist features at the local campus that staff have accumulated over the years and demonstrate areas in which Primo/Alma will accomplish some of these things. This helps staff focus on the positive.


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