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Records management: RRDAs

Records management at UW-Parkside: What do I keep? What do I toss? What goes to the archives?

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Records Retention/Disposition Authorization

RRDAs are guidelines written for one specific type of record produced by one office, authorizing someone to either retain or dispose of records.

The form includes the title, a description of the record, how long and by whom it should be retained, whether the record contains confidential information, and when the records should be transferred to the archive or destroyed.

For example, the form conveying that a professor has stipulated a class may carry honors credit for a student with particular requirements has no retention guidelines in a General Record Schedule (GRS). The records manager would then write an RRDA for it by researching how long the how long the information in the form may influence a student’s academic standing, grade, or transcript, and then decide on the length of retention. It would be noted, that there is personally identifiable information in it, and that FERPA would call for restrictions on who can see the document.

The records manager would write the RRDA and submit it to the Public Records Board, a Wisconsin Department of Administration Board, who would approve it or ask for changes. Once fixed and approved, UW-P would be bound to follow the guidelines in the RRDA. If no RRDA existed, we would have to keep the record permanently.

As you can see, RRDAs generally give permission to destroy documents after their active use.

Currently Valid UW-P RRDAs 

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