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Political Science 216: Introduction to Law: Advanced Searching

Advanced Search Connectors

For Advanced searches, use connectors or expanders to specify the relationships that should exist between search terms in your retrieved documents.








" "



But not


Root expander


Universal character


In same sentence


Preceding within sentence


In same paragraph


Preceding within paragraph


Within n terms of


Preceding within n terms of


Search Examples

In the Advanced Search Search text box, type a search similar to one of the examples below, then choose a resource to search and click Search.


eminent /s domain (This search retrieves documents that contain the word eminent in the same sentence as the word domain.)


"patriot act" /p wiretap! (This search retrieves documents that contain the phrase patriot act in the same paragraph as any word with the root wiretap.)


brand /5 strategy (This search retrieves documents that contain the word brand within 5 words of the word strategy.)

Search Shortcuts for Journals, Law Reviews, and Encyclopedias

Search shortcuts

Title - TI()
Author - AU()
Jurisdictions - JU()
Prelim - PR()

Search Tip

To retrieve journal and law review articles that mention Roe v. Wade in the title, restrict your search to the title field (ti). Type ti(roe & wade) in the Advanced Search Search text box, select the check box for Journals and Law Reviews, choose either aspecific state or All Journals and Law Reviews from the drop-down list, and click Search.

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